Monday, January 21, 2019

The LAUSD Teacher's Strike Won't use their own Math Teachers to Calculate a Fair Agreement.

I believe in Simple Math. Simple Math can solve complex problems. The Teacher's Strike in Los Angeles is using one big number to justify the strike, a 2 billion dollar rainy day fund that apparently took several years to create. 

I found one stat that intrigued me. It appears that the LAUSD is stockpiling about 300 million dollars a year in a rainy day fund. The Rainy Day Fund is up to around 2 billion dollars. The Teacher's Union wants that 2 billion dollars busted open and apparently, used up within a relatively short amount of time to give both raises and a remarkable increase in teachers to accommodate smaller classes.

Using Simple Math, my suggestion would be that of the 300 million dollars being saved every year, 100 million has to be saved very year as a Rainy Day fund, 100 million per year should go towards the huge future pension obligations, and 100 million per year should goes towards teacher's raises and smaller classrooms.

Sadly, what should be a public discussion of numbers is being hidden behind closed doors. The Union is portraying itself as a victim even though apparently 40% of their annual budget goes towards pensions and healthcare. Democrat Politicians are giving their support behind the Strike. It all seems so false to me. 

There are just numbers, the rest is all theatrics. There are probably hundreds of Math Teachers in the Picket Line, none of them have been asked to go over the numbers. If the Teacher's Union can't use their own Math Teachers to help resolve the Strike, then what message are they sending to their own students and the world about the value of learning Math?

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