Friday, February 22, 2019

Charlie Sheen earned more money from ONE episode of ANGER MANAGEMENT than Jussie Smollett's Total Salary for his first three years on EMPIRE.

Jussie Smollette is the victim of Financial Abuse by Fox. Charlie Sheen was paid more for ONE episode of Anger Management (2 million dollars), then Jussie Smollett's total salary for his first three years on Empire, around 54 episodes.
Both shows were created for Fox.

In October of 2016 Newsweek was reporting that Smollette was still being paid 20,000 dollars an episode. Huffington Post reported Smollette was making 65,000 per episode for this past 2018-2019 season. The Problem is that a 20,000 dollar starting Salary meant any raise would look significant and generous based on percentages so it may have taken Smollette several years to finally get to the 65,000 per episode mark, which for a four year actor on the first or second highest rated show on Fox, and the show is an hour long, is still well below where the salary should be. 

If Smollette had been paid based on Empire's rating's popularity, his Salary for this past Season should have been at least 100,000 per episode instead of 65,000. But just as importantly, the initial low salary creates a negative cascading affect in which each year's raise still keeps Smollette below what he should have been being paid all along.

It may be safe to presume that Smollette was basically underpaid by about 20,000 to 30,000 per episode over the life of the show, presently 74 episodes.  That's around 1.5 to 2.3 million dollars of underpayment Smollette never got. 

Smollette was taken advantage of by the same Network that paid Charlie Sheen 2 million dollars per episode when Anger Management hit its 100th show. However, Sheen was still making 1.8 million prior to the 100th episode of Anger Management.

It appears that Sheen's behavior, which included Drugs, Drinking, Prostitutes and eventually acquiring HIV and possibly sharing his HIV with others did not deter Fox from paying Sheen 2 million per episode for Anger Management. Even if the HIV news was after the Series Anger Management had concluded its run, the other unruly behavior sure didn't seem to have any type of negative affect on Sheen's salary.

Were the Female co-stars on Anger Management underpaid? Sheen may have gotten his female co star Selma Blair fired when she questioned his work ethic. When will Fox be investigated for their Contracting Practices that could be the equivalent of Financial Abuse for Minorities and Female Actors?

Although Smollette was a co-star on Empire and Sheen was the Lead on both 2 and 1/2 Men and Anger Management, the disparity between what Sheen was making per episode to what Smollette was getting per episode over the first year or two was a remarkable 9,000% to 10,000% difference. By the end of year four the percentage difference might have been reduced to perhaps 3,000% to 4,000% difference.

It's not as if Smollette wasn't talented. Compare Smollett and Sheen's Singing abilities...This is Charlie Sheen directly below.

How Can Jussie Smollett compete with Charlie Sheen?
Simple Math Detective is concerned that it is in Hollywood's best interest to keep the pay disparity between what Smollette should have been making and what he was making a secret and instead go with the Narrative that Smollette may have behaved criminally. 

I get that what Smollette is alleged to have done can be construed as illegal, but it seems that years of being underpaid, aka financial abuse, took its toll, and I hope that part of the Smollette Story does not continue to be obfuscated by the Media.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen attempts to rise for the third time.

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