Monday, January 23, 2023

How YouTube spent 30 billion dollars and couldn't even give scraps to their most loyal base.

 Youtube's model for paying out to their video creation base is no different than the Occupy Movement's complaint about the 1% owning 99% of everything.

Youtube paid out 30 bllion dollars over the past 3 years. How much of that 30 trillion trickled down to their most loyal base? Probably zero. 

Even video creation made by the people for the people become victimized by the same old tried and true account gimmicks, reward the most watched by taking viewing opportunities from the lowly video maker and heaping it on the most watched videos. Algorithms are not intuitive enough to not create self-fulfilling prophecies because they are created by people who know numbers better than sentiment.

There are things Youtube could do to instantly make things fairer, but I won't give them out for free, not when Youtube has 30 billion to throw at the feet of the 1% while providing zero for the rest. Sure, housing and storing the videos and giving people free accounts is a gift but it becomes a gift of the maji if the videos never get seen.

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